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Child Care, Preschool, and Day Care Insurance

Health Special Risk offers insurance programs for staff members and children of child care, day care, and preschool facilities. With children, accidents are commonplace. These accidents are typically not due to the care received, yet a child’s nature to be inquisitive and curious. Health Special Risk’s insurance programs allow both children and volunteer staff members to be insured, should an accident occur.

Health Special Risk strives to provide coverage that blends a client’s insurance needs with their budget. Each insurance program provided is unique, but common benefit and coverage options include:

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Medical expenses related to sickness, accidents, or dental injuries
  • Benefits extending beyond primary coverage that may already be available

Health Special Risk's insurance programs for child care and preschool settings often incorporate coverage for activities including:

  • Coverage for children and volunteer staff members participating in scheduled, supervised activities
  • Coverage for group travel directly to and from offsite activities when supervised by a representative of the policyholder
  • Coverage for travel directly to and from the insured’s or policyholder’s home (commutation, an optional benefit, if requested)

To obtain a quote or a complete listing of services offered,
please call Health Special Risk at 866-910-0131 or
use this form to request more insurance information.

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