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Third Party Claims Administration

There is no TPA nationwide that can match Health Special Risk’s experience in the claims administration of Special Risk and Accident & Health Insurance (SR/A&H) business. SR/A&H Insurance is not just something we “handle”, it is who we are. It is the foundation of our organization and has been for 30 years. We are Special Risk and Accident & Health Insurance administrators, plain and simple.

"Primary; excess; disappearing deductibles; HMO provisions; PPO networks; accident only; accidents vs. injuries, expanded medical; coordination; subrogation; multi-layered benefits; 52/104 week benefit; Business only, 24 hour; AD&D; Weekly Indemnity; PTD; Self-Insured Retentions (SIRs)" – these are terms we live with, developed in some instances, and deal with day by day, year after year.

SR/A&H Insurance IS the business of HSR. It is our primary business and has been since our inception. We’re not a group or employer medical TPA. We are a TPA that specializes in providing SR/A&H Insurance coverage to the marketplace and then administering it at a customer service level that is second to none.

In 2009, HSR administered the claims on excess of $ 90,000,000 in premiums. Whether we take over the block on renewal, mid-term, or with the run-off, we will handle your business in the most professional, efficient, and customer service oriented manner possible.

It is a unique book of business that truly has its own nuances and peculiarities. It needs to be administered by a specialist with a long and successful tradition of SR/A&H Insurance administration. We are that administrator. Ask around for the best in the SR/A&H Insurance administration business and you will hear Health Special Risk’s name more than anyone else’s.

Individual pages within will detail our Insurance Company TPA Agreements, State Licenses (in all USA state requiring TPA licenses); reporting capabilities and various claim forms for your viewing and use.

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HSR - The Proven Leader in the Special Risk and Accident & Health Field.

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